2 PK EVERYDAY BRIEFHigh Waisted Briefs
  • EVERYDAY BRIEF / Black / K60001
  • EVERYDAY BRIEF / Black / K60001
  • EVERYDAY BRIEF / Black / K60001
  • EVERYDAY BRIEF / Nude / K60001
  • EVERYDAY BRIEF / Nude / K60001
  • EVERYDAY BRIEF / Nude / K60001
  • EVERYDAY BRIEF / Black / K60001



Style Number: K60001

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The pack of 2, plus size Everyday Brief is a full brief has a high waist and full back that cups your bottom and a unique leg shape and front seams that flatters your thighs whilst a wide flat leg band instead of elastic, eliminates bulges and visible lines through your clothes. Find your ultimate fit and feel great in plus size underwear designed for you.


  • PACK OF TWO (same colour).
  • High waist.
  • Smoothing brief.
  • Cotton rich with elastane for comfort and stretch.
  • Bra is models own.

Measures: 31cm long from waist to gusset on a size 14.

Model: wears a size 14 and is 178cm tall.

Fabrication: 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane

Fit Guide: Fitted. True fit to size chart.

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Here's what some of our customers are saying about this product

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- Northfield

I am surprised by the lack of consistency in these, I have 12 sets in all but for some reason the nude sets doesn’t seem to have the same high standard of finishing as the black. The last pair I purchased as an emergency purchase was very disappointing, one pair had the switching go on the first day of wear, the shop only had the nude so I had to buy that colour.

(Posted on 13 Jul 2019)

- Reservoir

Best undies ever. I especially like these with no elastic around the legs. Love the prints too. More prints without lace and without nylon!

(Posted on 11 Jul 2019)

- Sydney

Comfort is everything to me and I have slowly but surely replaced all of my underpants with various Taking Shape styles. These are my favourites. They are very comfortable, the cotton content makes them breathable and hygienic, especially in the heat of summer. The replacement of the leg elastic with a soft stretchable band means no elastic cutting into the thighs. Long may they remain available.

(Posted on 29 Jun 2019)

- Brisbane

I just bought a 2 pack of black undies and was very pleasantly surprised. I had previously bought the same about a year ago and found this new batch much better than the first, more stretchy and comfortable, much better quality so far. Worth trying the new batch.

(Posted on 26 Jun 2019)

- Brisbane

An update on my previous review: I am so glad to find the problems with these briefs seems to have been fixed. I bought another pack of two from the Toowong, Brisbane store after being told they were fine. So glad I did, at last the perfect briefs for me, I will be buying more. So far after wearing and washing a couple of times, they are holding up very well with no problems with the elastic or the sewing.

(Posted on 5 Jun 2019)

- Townsville

Just love these as they are so comfortable & a great fit however the elastic has fallen off at the waist band after one or two wears on the last few pairs I have purchased - so very disappointing Hoping this is sorted soon so I can stock up again!

(Posted on 4 Jun 2019)

- Sunbury

I have to agree with many of the ladies, unfortunately these briefs are either not well designed or poor manufacturing. My experience was wearing them once and by the end of the day the waistband had completely come away on both sides (from visiting the bathroom and pulling them up several times). These are a high cost investment for a low quality return and would hope TS reviews manufacturing to resolve the defect.

(Posted on 20 May 2019)


Terribly disappointing these undies came apart after a few washes waist band came unstitched definitely would not buy again.

(Posted on 17 Mar 2019)

- Western Australia

Tried these on not having read reviews. A huge disappointment, fabric thick and elastic in waist is thin. I normally wear a ts 12-14 bottoms and the 14s I tried on got nowhere near. They were too tight in the waist and uncomfortable. Def not a control brief with the thickness and lack of stretch. Please Ts listen to your customers and review the manufacturing of these, you’ve had way too many negative reviews with the same issues and nothing has changed!

(Posted on 15 Feb 2019)

- Tauranga

I really rate these knickers. I have been buying them for years. Yes, they are the original Bridget Jones Granny knickers, but oh my! They fit like a glove. They are sooo comfy. They go on and stay just where you left them. No riding up one cheek or the other, or my favourite, roll down the tum. They are cotton mix so they let your lady bits breath comfortably in hot weather. As they come up to my waist, there are no VPLs for me - another +. Highly recommend

(Posted on 30 Jan 2019)

- Bonnells Bay

I’ve been shopping TS for years and recently after some serious. Surgery found I was allergic to elastic. Found the TS 2 pack high tops don’t have elastic touching the skin and these have saved my comfort. Now TS is into colours and combos and I love those. They are sexy. Thankyou to the designers.

(Posted on 20 Jan 2019)

- North Richmond

I agree with the other reviews. The waistband on the latest is tight it has no stretch at all I can’t get them past my hips. @ $15 a pair surely we can afford to go back to the old waistband. It’s a shame as they are so comfortable.

(Posted on 3 Jan 2019)

- Ballarat

I bought 2 pairs of these a year or so ago and was extremely disappointed with the quality. The stitching came apart on the first wear and on close inspection they were extremely badly made. The price is way too high for the quality of the product. I have gone back to Target as the quality is always consistent and generally much cheaper and often on sale. I could not recommend these to anyone and I believe customers ought to be reimbursed. I have been very happy with everything else !

(Posted on 30 Dec 2018)

- Adelaide

I agree with other reviews....most recent set of these I bought were really different from previous sets. Recent set has a tight waist band that does not stretch properly. I can still wear them but not nearly as comfy as the first sets I bought. Reading back over reviews there seems to be lots of inconsistencies in these briefs. If this can be fixed they would be the best pants ever!!!

(Posted on 7 Dec 2018)

- Tarwin Lower

Tight on the belly because rubber band does not expend. Almost not wearable in my usual size. I .buy them on regular basis but the current lot is not good.

(Posted on 22 Oct 2018)

- Brisbane

I bought 4 packs of these briefs, opened the 1st pack and was really pleased with the feel and fit. 2nd pack were not the same fit, the narrow elastic waistband was tighter with virtually no stretch. The 3rd and 4th packs were even worse, tighter again, so disappointed. although they are wearable, they are not as comfortable and much harder to pull down if you happen to be in a bit of hurry. I am just hoping they wash well and the waistband doesn't come apart as some reviewers have said.

(Posted on 12 Oct 2018)

- Perth

AS mentioned before. Best briefs I have ever had. So comfortable, wash and wear so well. Request to bring back BLACK in the two pack or sell single.

(Posted on 10 Oct 2018)

- New Farm

These are fantastically comfortable . they wear and wash very well however I have noticed that the stitching comes apart at the waist line. They are not fashionable but comfort comes first.....

(Posted on 21 Sep 2018)

- Melbourne

I've been missing out. Just tried these on and they are so so comfortable and fit so well. Agree with earlier review, best underwear ever.

(Posted on 15 Aug 2018)

- Townsville

BEST UNDIES EVER! So comfy. Fabric even better quality then pattern set. Cannot recommend them high enough. PLEASE KEEP THESE AS A PERMANENT ITEM.

(Posted on 12 May 2018)

- Bendigo

Very affordable and comfortable underwear l have ever come accross.

(Posted on 19 Feb 2018)

- Clifton Hill

I have a variety of these knickers and find that the everyday plain black are perfect; the plain black and plain beige with the lace fronts disappointing - the nylon thread appears to be giving way after a couple of wears. The patterned knickers are ok, but fabric not as soft as the plain everyday knickers.

(Posted on 28 Jan 2018)

- Maitland

Amazingly comfortable undies. True to size. I bought what I normally but for leggings or jeans from TS. No constrictions. I normally buy a size up for other undies for comfort. Not needed here. Bought on a special, which was a bonus to try them out. I hadn't realised they came. In a two-pack before, which added extra value. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 20 Jan 2018)

- WA

Love these briefs. Best I have ever had. Wash and wear so well. Wouldn't buy anything else. Would like to request that they come back in two pack of Black.

(Posted on 19 Jan 2018)

- Perth

Love these. Have never had such comfortable underwear. So far has washed and worn well. Please TS, continue to stock these. It’s so hard to find plus size underwear that is comfortable and stylish.

(Posted on 12 Jan 2018)

- Wollongong

Love Love these pants.So comfy.I have bought heaps.

(Posted on 17 Oct 2017)

- Brisbane

I purchased 4 pairs of these very comfortable pants. Unfortunately, the quality of the stitching of the band to the rest of the garment is very poor. After one or two washes, the stitching breaks and the band starts to separate from the rest of the garment. This is the first quality issue I have ever had with a TS garment and is all the more disappointing for that.

(Posted on 27 Jul 2017)

- Brisbane

I have bought 5 packs of these pants in April and June (10 pants). They have been through multiple washes with no problems so far. I do not use the dryer. I have many much older pairs. The elastic in the newer ones is a bit wider and Is a thinner, less dense fabric, as is the fabric of the briefs themselves. The stitching in the newer ones is looser with loose threads sticking out. While the design and comfort are the same, the quality of the materials and construction has deteriorated.

(Posted on 16 Jul 2017)

- Strathalbyn ,South Australia

I have bought this EVERYDAY BRIEF before and have been happy with them.Looking at buying more as I found them to be very comfortable. BUT now reading the reviews ,sounds like something has happened to their quality control. I am now very unsure .Will need some positive feed back from T/ S to know everything is now in order before I buy again .Look forward to some response ! thank-you .

(Posted on 28 Jun 2017)

- Perth

Have to agree with the other reviews. They are extremely comfortable however didn't realise that they would come apart after one wear. So disappointed TS this is so not your standard. Has this been rectified yet and have yet to see a response from you. Such a waste of money.

(Posted on 11 Jun 2017)

- Brisbane

Gosh. I should have read the reviews before I purchased these briefs. I absolutely love the feel, fit and look of these but just like everyone else, the stitching on the band failed on the first wear. I have cobbled them back together and was going to order more anyway but after these reviews and my experience I think I'll wait until a new batch comes. TS please let us know when this is rectified so that we can all be happy again with these briefs.

(Posted on 30 May 2017)


Read other customers reviews and perhaps TS14 could alleviate the problem that has been widely experienced by conducting some type of trial test on products? Thanks to other customer reviews, I only hand wash in wool wash. I chose to purchase the briefs having found so many others unsuitable. I have a difficult health issue with scaring and skin problems after major surgery. These briefs have proven to be more comfortable for me and do not irritate me. Please offer more colours

(Posted on 14 May 2017)

- Gold Coast

So disappointed in my last purchase. I have been buying these pants since they first became available and they have been fabulous ... up until my last purchase. The stitching at the waist ripped away the very first wear as they have been stitched with the wrong cotton as it has no stretch & should be a polyester cotton that stretches with the fabric. Appears to be a manufacturing error & I will not purchase again until TS can ensure this problem has been rectified. Not acceptable TS.

(Posted on 4 May 2017)

- Mittagong

Very unhappy with the quality, the elastic came away from both pairs after the second wash and wear. Lovely fabric and I liked the design of the panties but very expensive per wear! Will not be buying these again. Is it possible to return for refund?

(Posted on 3 May 2017)

- Auckland

So disappointing that they have changed the elastic on these briefs. These have been my favourite pants briefs, but now the elastic just does not stretch so therefore comes away from the stitching.

(Posted on 27 Apr 2017)

- Adelaide

These are certainly the best knickers I have bought in a while, as my regular briefs I purchase have been discontinued. I thought I'd try the TS briefs & was pleasantly surprised. They fit perfect & give a smooth look under clothing. I personally love the full brief style which gives me great support & I have found them to be extremely comfortable for all day wear.

(Posted on 25 Apr 2017)

- NZ

Dear TS - what has happened to your glorious knickers??? The last lot I recently bought had different elastic and lasted ONE wear and ONE wash and the waist elastic parted company with the fabric. I was dumbfounded. I have other basic knickers of exactly the same design & size that are years old and intact. I am waiting to wear the others in the same lot to see what happens, such a disappointment- I am a HUGE fan of these knickers. Different elastic?? New manufacturers?? Goodness.

(Posted on 3 Apr 2017)

- New Zealand milford

These are definitely amazingly comfortable . I have bought more and more . The one very disappointing thing is that there is a flaw in the way the elastic at the waist is not seen properly as every single one's stiching has come apart after the first wash . The stitching is very weak . I suggest TS14 speaks to the supplier to FIx this flaw as it is annoying . I have had to sew each one ... not great as I can't take pbruefs back !Otherwise so comfortable hard to Gibbs I to any other pant.

(Posted on 12 Mar 2017)

- Christchurch

I shop at TS a lot & terribly disappointed in these, wore once & then washed & took out of washing machine, the band had come away from the knicker nearly half way around! Never has this happened in anything I've brought in my life! Returned to the store the next day for a full credit but these should be removed from the shelf!

(Posted on 5 Mar 2017)

- Christchurch

I brought a two pack of these briefs on Thursday, washed them before I wore them, wore 1 pair & then washed & now the waist band has come away from the pant nearly half way around the top. I've never had this happen to anything in my life so obviously very poor quality & I will have to take them back. Very disappointed! Don't buy them!

(Posted on 25 Feb 2017)

- Shelley WA

Over the years I had replaced all of my briefs with TS's Everyday Briefs, that's how impressive they were. Over recent times I have noticed a drop in the quality, even informing TS that the waist elastic comes away from the garment after just 1 wear. The last 2 packs I purchased are even worse. This time the fabric is an inferior quality to the previous fabric used, it is thinner and not as stretchy, Today my original briefs from years ago are still going strong, my recent purchases thrown out.

(Posted on 20 Feb 2017)

Recent quality of these briefs has gone down terribly. Previously they were great but in my most recent pair after just two wears the elastic waistband has come away from these briefs rendering them unwearable. REALLY disappointing especially considering the price. TS14 PLEASE listen to these reviews questioning recent quality and fix this problem!!!

(Posted on 10 Feb 2017)

- Melbourne

So pleased it isn't just me being disappointed in these undies I have had numerous pairs that were fantastic but the last two lots have been such poor quality that I will not buy again. Fabric is completely different inferior fabric. Very disappointed that the company does not comment when there is so many bad reviews.

(Posted on 9 Feb 2017)

- East Perth

So very disappointing. 12 out of 12 pairs of these undies that are usually of very high quality and comfort have had the waist elastic come away from the underpants...Like everyone else I am not happy at all with the quality. The elastic is of very poor quality causing it to roll. I hope that TS find a resolution very soon.

(Posted on 4 Feb 2017)

Same again. Fantastically comfortable knickers that separate from the waist elastic after 1 or 2 wears. Please let us know when problem has been rectified so can buy more

(Posted on 23 Jan 2017)

- Adelaide

Was a huge fan of these really comfy undies, but, the pair I just received a not up to the usual standard. The elastic around the waist is not so stretchy and rolls down, the quality is inferior to previous purchases! Very disappointed will not be buying them again.

(Posted on 11 Jan 2017)

- Newport

Why is the elastic so tight? These fit perfectly except for the super tight un-elastic waistband elastic! The quality of the fabric is great - I thought these would be "the one" - but that horrible dig-in waistband lets them down. Very disappointed

(Posted on 5 Jan 2017)

- melbourne

Fantastic undies the fit is spot on and they wash so well.

(Posted on 5 Jan 2017)

- Mill Park

So disappointed - I bought a number of pairs of these briefs & all that I have worn so far have torn away from the elastersised band. Such a shame as they are so comfortable.

(Posted on 19 Dec 2016)

- Bellambi

Just arrived back from 5 weeks travelling and these knickers were great....always felt smooth and comfortable even on some long flights. Just ordered some more.

(Posted on 7 Nov 2016)

- Forster NSW

Don't like these undies at all. They roll down, waist eladtic is narrow and tight, And there just seems to be too much of them. Disappointing.

(Posted on 1 Nov 2016)

- Brisbane

These briefs are really terrific. I bought a pack at the Myer Store in Brisbane city, having not previously been aware of their availability. I thoroughly recommend them.

(Posted on 31 Oct 2016)

- vic

They are the best undies I've bought in long time as my other brand have discontinue they fit perfect great under my clothes good investment for under garment

(Posted on 27 Oct 2016)

- Port Adelaide, SA

If I could give more than 5 stars - I would. These are the most comfortable knickers ever. It actually feels as if I don't have any on. More of these please.

(Posted on 26 Oct 2016)

- Vic

I agree with 2 previous reviewers, where I have purchased more pairs of these undies recently and they have not been up to the standard of previous undies bought. The top stitching to attach the waist elastic to the main fabric doesn't have very much stretch at all, and the waist elastic is not as wide as before. Please TS have consistent quality of fabric and designs of staple items with no changes from one batch to another. Marley & Me pants are another problem along these lines too...

(Posted on 13 Oct 2016)

- Bowral

So disappointed! Loved these briefs but quality and fit of the briefs just received is completely different to all the pairs purchased previously. Inferior materials to originals - very disappointed and won't buy again☹️

(Posted on 13 Aug 2016)

- Sydney

After my glowing review on these knickers previously, I stocked up on more very recently and have to say that the quality was not the same. Oversewing in areas you don't want lumps, ragged edges on seams, smaller elastic in the waist.band.....a much inferior quality to those in my previous purchases. Disappointing when I have recommnded them to other people.......you need consistent supplier quality TS!

(Posted on 17 Jun 2016)

- Bendigo

I can't wait for these undies to come back into stock. Very surprised when tried to buy them locally and told they had not sold well. They are FANTASTIC! !! The best undies I have had in years, good fit, great fabric and no rolling up or down. I look forward to buying some more.

(Posted on 12 May 2016)

Really, really disappointed with these undies. Seeing all the reviews were so positive I got two pairs when they were reduced but they are so uncomfortable on me! The main reason for this is that they came up well above my waistline. This then results in an excess of fabric bunching & rolling at my waist which is very uncomfortable & unflattering. Its unfortunate that 'big girls' undies are always full brief because this is always the result on me.

(Posted on 24 Feb 2016)

- Sydney

Ladies don't think about it just buy these, they are comfortable, wash well, look good (for big girls pants) and there is no waist bulges or pulling your waistbands up....5 stars isn't enough!

(Posted on 10 Feb 2016)

- Shelley WA

The Everyday Briefs are the MOST comfortable knickers I have worn EVER! I have gradually replaced all my other knickers with these. I would have given them a 5/5 if it was not for a problem I've had with the most recent few pairs, the top elastic comes away from the brief, even after just one wash.

(Posted on 21 Jan 2016)

- Frankston

Thanks ts for these full briefs. They sit exactly at my waist and do not roll down. So so comfortable. I am ordering 6 more, my total will now be 10 in both black and nude. One of my original has an unpleasant lumpy seam at the front , where the band crosses over. Most annoying and is rubbing my lower abdomen in that area. Please have manufacturer take notice of this uncomfortable fault. But this is only on one of my 4 sets so far. Fabric is lovely . Thanks TS.

(Posted on 30 Oct 2015)

- Perth

The best underwear that I have ever purchased, EVER! Word cannot describe how awesome these undies are. More colour range and PLEASE never stop making them.

(Posted on 15 Oct 2015)

OMG they FIT don't bunch,roll or chafe. But you've sold out! More more more PLEASE

(Posted on 9 Aug 2015)

- Tauranga

You had me at hello. These have little firm control really - like me with chocolate - but are fantastic fitting. They make the rear look good, no VPL, go right up to the waist, cover my disaster zone of scarred stomach - and look retro with a nice black bra. Do you know how good they are? I might even use a changing room now. Navy/Ink, White, Cherry red as well please, these are a brilliant buy.

(Posted on 3 Aug 2015)

- Darwin, NT

Most comfortable underwear I have ever owned. Sits beautifully under clothes. So comfortable that you don't realize you are wearing them, they do not move (roll, slip or creep) under clothes.

(Posted on 3 Aug 2015)

- Adelaide, South Australia

I replaced all of the crappy knickers in my drawer with 20 pairs of these babies. I love them. They are extremely comfortable (no tag itching, no elastic biting, no creeping up the bum), they wash well and give me the coverage I need. I will definitely be back for more when I need to replace my current stock. I will never go back to ‘generic’ knickers again, these are it for me.

(Posted on 29 Jul 2015)

- Townsville.

Bought one pack to try them out. Since bought three more packs. Best knickers ever, even after being washed. Keep these in the range please.

(Posted on 13 Mar 2015)

- Vic

Best plus size underwear on the market. Super comfortable. Great value as 2pack. Will definitely buy more. If you want something just as comfortable but with a bit more support get the smoothing briefs. They are great for under more fitted garments without being as constricting as the standard support brief. I have at least one pair of each of the TS range and love them all! Wouldn't bother buying underwear anywhere else again. Bras now please!!

(Posted on 21 Feb 2015)

- Adelaide

I love these! Very comfortable, great coverage, and the fabric is perfect for everyday wear.

(Posted on 25 Jan 2015)

- NZ

I wouldnt class these as "shapewear" as they have no control in them, but they are just lovely, comfy undies. The little detail in the front is nice,and means the fabric sits right in your groin (giving a nice bit of protection against sweaty skin on skin, and the other things that go with that) and gives a nice full butt converage. No annoying side seams either.

(Posted on 13 Jan 2015)

- Gold Coast

I bought these pants, both in black and the nude. They are so comfortable and cool to wear. They are not a control brief but they do give you a smooth line under your clothes. To give them a 5 I would want some more control in them.

(Posted on 17 Nov 2014)