Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses

Bring a bit of colour and elegance to your Australian summer wardrobe with a maxi dress. Our maxi dresses embrace your curvy figure with generous sizes ranging from 12 to 24.

Choose from sleek and stylish evening dress options to summer dresses bursting with personality. We have everything from elegant monochrome prints to vibrant pops of colour.

We aim to combine comfort with the latest fashion trends so you can look forward to the warm weather for the chance to don your chic summer wardrobe. Our dresses are lightweight and made of quality materials to guarantee your comfort whether you’re by the pool or out on the town.

Make the look your own with clever layering or pairing. Style your dress up with a pair of heels or a statement necklace. And don’t forget, for fashion forward plus size clothing, look no further than Taking Shape.

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