Styles of Jeans with Styling Curvy

Jen from Styling Curvy

Oh Hi, it’s me again coming to you with some tips on choosing a pair of denim jeans. How do you go in the jeans department, do they make you break into a cold sweat or have you got it all nailed?

Finding the right pair of denim jeans can be like searching for the unicorn of pants but ladies they do exist. Once you understand the different styles of jeans you will be on your way to shopping up a storm and adding the perfect pair to your wardrobe. Here’s a list of several styles available, some you may have and some might be on your list to try.


If you really don't feel comfortable in a skinny leg jean then relax it a little and go for a straight leg denim jean. This will still show off your gorgeous shape while leaving you feeling comfortable.
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These jeans need to be worn slung a little lower on your hips not pulled up to the waist. It might feel weird at first but it's a style you will get used to wearing very quickly. If you can't find a boyfriend jean to fit or flatter then look at a denim jogger or drop crutch style, they still have a relaxed fit and edgy vibe, perfect for a relaxed laid back style.
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Universally a skinny leg will suit everyone, just get the rise right (for comfort) and get the accompanying leg length correct and you will be feeling bodacious in no time. A skinny leg jegging likes a top that's a little relaxed, and if you need extra length look for curved hems that cover all the lady bits ☺
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A high-rise can shorten a long torso and look amazing with a top tucked in. If you love a crop top then team with a high waist denim jean, just keep the length of your crop top modest.


A low-rise will make a short torso look longer (wear higher waist control knickers if muffin top is an issue).


A wide or flare leg hem love long legs, the taller you are then the wider you can go with the flare. If you are a shorter you can totally wear them too, just remember to always add height with a heel.

Have you noticed the distressed denim trend is still around years after many said it ‘would never last’? Yeah me too. Personally I love it and you might too. I've had soooo many women ask me if they are ‘too old’ to wear distressed denim jeans and the answer is no, never! Age does not dictate style!


  • Shop with plenty of time to spare and have an open mind
  • Always focus on the fit, not the size, if the label bothers you then 'cut it out'
  • Try on the size above and below your regular size
  • Jeans are meant to be very firm when you first try them on
  • Try the ‘squat’ test when you try them on to be sure you can bend and squat

If the fit isn’t ‘quite right’ then have your jeans altered, a visit to an alteration lady or a little 'tweaking' on the Janome can work miracles if the fit isn't quite right. Have the ankle tapered in a little, hem shortened or a dart in the waist to banish 'plumbers crack’. Of course remember to wash your jeans before having them altered.

If your denim jeans fit but you still have a 'muffin top' try wearing higher waist control knickers, I swear it works every time to smooth out the 'muffin'.


Caring for your denim means they will see you through many seasons. If the denim is quality then you hardly ever need to wash them, just turn them inside out and air them outside (out of harsh sunlight), some people say a spell in the freezer works wonders too.

When your denim jeans start to sag, are dirty or pongy then it’s time for a proper wash. Just turn them inside out, empty all the pockets, use a mild detergent, don't soak and dry away from harsh sunlight.



My top denim picks right now are the classic and casual ‘Boyfriend Jean’, try the boyfriend with spot if you are up for some fun. Team the boyfriend jean a tee (try a half tuck) sneakers and anorak for weekend duties.


The hardworking and easy to wear ‘Best Friend’ jegging in black or try the khaki to mix back with Autumn winter tones of claret, navy or winter white. Dress these babies up with a heel and for a sexy leg profile or team with ankle boots and longer line top for day time fun.


The ‘stylist Jean’ sits in between a ‘skinny leg and straight leg’ and will be super versatile dressed up with a heel and bling for a night out or relaxed with a sneaker or low cut boot for weekend fun.

I hope you feel better about denim jeans now, remember ladies…there is a perfect pair for you.

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Do you have a favourite 'style' of denim jean?
Jen x