Meet Jenni, Styling Curvy


Hi There, it’s Jen from Styling Curvy, I thought I would pop in introduce myself and fill you all in on who I am and what makes me tick. Grab a cuppa (and a biscuit) and enjoy.


I’m Adelaide based, a wife, mother and breast cancer thriver who is blessed to soon be turning forty seven. My boys are now men so I substitute unconditional love with a fur baby who makes me happy and is the best home security system ever. Yappy dogs, lucky they are cute hey

The ocean, coffee, cake and laughter make me happy, and after twenty five years my husband is still my most favourite human to hang out with.


Life dealt me a dud card when I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at forty one. Treatment and surgeries were bloody tough but I feel so grateful for the lessons and positive growth I gained. One of the biggest gifts was the positive body image I now have despite being left feeling and looking very different to who I was pre cancer. I also found my voice and made the choice to follow my passion and work for myself.


Styling Curvy is my little corner of the internet and it just celebrated turning four. I am a personal stylist who turned her hand to writing, modelling, public speaking, empowering women through personal styling and spreading the body confidence message, advocating for cancer patients and so much more.

My community is funny, accepting, willing to try new things, caring, empathetic and all round rock stars! They allow me to be myself and that is a bloody gift right there.

I am passionate about giving women a voice and encouraging them to accept their bodies and be kinder to themselves. Life is short, wasting precious time on hating ourselves or hiding away is such a shame.


In fashion exclusion is paramount to bullying and mean girl behaviour; I like to think that inclusion is a much nicer way for the world to tick.. don’t you agree? Women should not need to find shopping for clothes or getting dressed every day a challenge, but we do and that needs to stop.

I think over the years we as consumers and the industry have made loads of progress, women of different sizes, shapes and ages are now better represented and labels are listening to what we want more of.

With the rise of social media and everyday bloggers and the demise of glossy magazines filled with unattainable manipulated images everyday women are being better represented and there is power in that.

Women can dress to suit their personality and we can stop wearing a garment just because ‘it fits’. It also means that the wider community is starting to accept that we all come in different packages, and that’s ok.


Well I am excited to partner and collaborate with lots of amazing labels and Taking Shape is now part of that story. I will be sharing photos to show how I style Taking Shape garments and sharing words right here on the Taking Shape Blog (so pop in from time to time to read).

Sometimes we just need to see something, ‘off the hanger’ and on someone we can relate to. Hopefully you can relate to me. You don’t need to wear your clothes exactly as I do (totally cool if you do), but rather be inspired to choose and try new things.

Babes, I give you permission to have fun with fashion…because life is not a dress rehearsal, so step into it stylishly.

See you soon
Jen x

Four items I am crushing on right now...

With new pieces dropping regularly my pulse rate can shift into overdrive quickly. I mean, I have heart eyes for sooo many pieces but right now these are the four pieces I love.

1. Ikebana Dress.
Oh M Gee. This dress is super flattering and the print makes me swoon. With an asymmetrical mock wrap feature, V neckline and flared cuffs I have teamed this dress with a denim jacket and white sneakers (blue loves red) for a casual look and with a jacket from last season and black ankle boots for a more dressed up look that would be suitable for an event or the office.


2. Wild Stripe Top.
Now I don’t know about you but I haven’t met a stripe I didn’t like and this tee is no exception. With foil print, perfect length and fun sleeve detail team with a denim skirt, casual black pants or jeans. If you are on weekend Mum duty or for the Autumn weather change team it with a puffer vest, I bet you have one in the wardrobe somewhere


3. Riviera Top.
Now if you thought you had seen this top before you would ‘almost’ be right. It’s the ‘Box Top’ from last winter reimagined…and I like it. The sleeve detail, longer length, rear zip detail and side split all get my tick of approval. If a tee isn’t for you then try the Riviera Top, it’s warm without being hot, stylish and skims just where you need it to


4. 2 pk Tropical Stripe print brief.
Babes, have you tried these briefs? I picked some up a few months back and am hooked. If you like a brief that comes up a little higher, is comfy around the thigh and comes in fun colours and prints then do yourself a favour and get some on ya bum! Ps, I wear mine to Pilates and they stay put with no crack creep!