Introducing Bamboo Clothing by Taking Shape!

You asked, we listened! Introducing fabulous bamboo fabrics! This natural fibre has a luxurious handle and feels super soft against your skin. It is breathable and quickly wicks away moisture to keep you feeling fresh all day long!

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Bamboo Fibre Benefits

In today’s busy world, we demand more from our clothes than ever before. They need to be comfortable, practical, versatile, and, of course, look fabulous at the same time. Thankfully, bamboo clothing can be all this and more! Ultra soft, breathable and absorbent, bamboo fibre is perfect for plus-size fashion. It offers a host of benefits that promise to leave you feeling and looking fabulous!




At Taking Shape, our bamboo styles are highly breathable. As such, they allow warm air to escape and cool air to enter, ensuring you stay wonderfully fresh even when the weather is warm!

Moisture Wicking and Absorbent

Bamboo fibre has excellent moisture wicking properties and is highly absorbent. It draws moisture away from the skin, quickly drying to keep you feeling comfortable when the temperature rises.

Ultra Soft

When used in clothing, bamboo is beautifully soft and luxurious to touch. Crafted with ultra-fine yarns, our bamboo clothing offers incredible comfort. You’ll love the feel of it against your skin!



Strong and Durable

Bamboo is an extremely resilient and strong fibre. When used in clothing, it provides durability without sacrificing softness. In other words, clothes that are more resistant to wear and tear while still feeling fabulous on your body!

Temperature Regulating

Thanks to temperature-regulating properties, you can wear your bamboo products year-round! This impressive fabric is warm yet breathable and quickly wicks away moisture, allowing it to perform well in all temperatures. That means you can stay warm in winter and cool in summer without changing your wardrobe!

Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic

Amongst their many benefits, bamboo clothes are also antibacterial and hypoallergenic! (Bacteria don’t live well in bamboo fabric.) That means they can keep you feeling fresh all day long and are gentle on sensitive skin. Who doesn’t love less irritation and less washing?!

Bamboo Fabric with Stretch!

To ensure premium comfort, many of our bamboo fabrics have elastane added for stretch. This allows your clothes to easily move with you, fit better and feel more comfortable on your curves.




At Taking Shape, we create clothes that celebrate your curves and cater to your lifestyle. Flattering styles, thoughtful details and fabulous fabrics are what we’re all about! Our bamboo clothing is made to make you feel confident and comfortable. It features pieces that can be coordinated, mixed and matched, and layered together with other Taking Shape items to create the perfect wardrobe.

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