Get Moving with Plus Size Activewear from Taking Shape!

When it comes to exercise, what you wear can make all the difference. Whether you’re heading to the gym, going for a walk or taking a yoga class, the clothes you throw on can help you reach your goals. Of course, not all clothes are created equal and finding the right activewear brand for your body type can be a real workout! Luckily, we’re here to help. Here, we’ve rounded up our top shopping tips and advice for buying plus size activewear that’ll have you feeling confident and motivated!


Plus Size Activewear Fabrics

First and foremost, your activewear needs to be functional. There’s no point buying a cute workout top if it leaves you feeling uncomfortable and overheated the minute you start moving! To ensure you reach that new PB, choose garments made of performance-focused fabrics.

Taking Shape activewear is available in a variety of fabrics made to meet your workout needs. Our range includes comfortable and breathable options made from natural fibres, such as cotton, which will keep you feeling fresh. Our Active Cotton fabric, which is 88% cotton and 12% elastane, is designed to fit comfortably over curves, give you freedom to move, and help you stay cool.

Our collection also includes materials with sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry along with durable synthetic fabrics that can stand up to the toughest gym sessions.


Plus Size Activewear Clothes

For plus sized ladies, workout clothes made to comfortably fit curves are a must. But, there are other features to consider.

At Taking Shape, we offer activewear bottoms with special tummy control panels! They not only create a smoother appearance, but also provide additional support to the area. Also, for ladies who feel self-conscious about their stomach or bum in leggings, many of our activewear tops feature a long length and flow beautifully over lumps and bumps.

No matter what your go-to exercise is, we have you covered. Bottoms with zip pockets are perfect for toting the house key on a run. Comfortable jackets make exercising outside simple. Yoga shorts and pants let you bend, stretch and switch poses with ease. Athleisure dresses teamed with Anti Chafe Shorts are ideal for keeping cool and comfortable on walks. And, of course, all our stunning sporty styles will have you feeling absolutely fabulous!

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Wide Fit Sneakers

When shopping for your workout wardrobe, don’t forget about your feet! Like your clothes, great footwear can help you reach your fitness goals faster (and more comfortably).

For many curvy ladies, standard sneakers can feel tight, restrictive, and even painful! Thankfully, wide-fit sneakers that are especially designed to fit your feet are available. Due to their special fit, these shoes can help to keep you comfortable, meaning you can go stronger for longer.

If you have difficulty reaching and doing up the laces on traditional sneakers, you may also want to invest in a slip-on pair. Styles with elastic straps or side zips make it quick and easy to get your shoes on and off.

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Feeling confident and fabulous when you work out starts with a great outfit! So, investing in awesome activewear that’ll help you achieve your health and fitness goals makes sense. At Taking Shape, we create plus sized activewear for curvy ladies who like to move. From the fabric and the cut to the design and special features, our pieces are thoughtfully created to meet your workout needs.